Mission & Values

What Drives Us!

Our Mission:
South Central Michigan Works! proactively engages employers and jobseekers throughout our communities to develop today’s workforce and tomorrow’s economy.

Our Values:
These values drive the work of our Board and staff each day to support our important mission. We make sure that our workforce investments count.

Innovative Leadership
Our proactive Board makes strategic decisions that maximize the economic impact of workforce funding and resources.

We respond to the needs of employers, jobseekers and community groups to ensure that workforce programs and services are meeting market demands.

Respect for Individuals
Cultural diversity, integrity, fairness, dignity and differences of opinion create the foundation for our Board's decision making process.

High Quality Services
All services meet or exceed customer expectations.

Continuous Improvement and Accountability
Programs and services are evaluated based on customer satisfaction, core performance and implementation of continuous improvement processes, to ensure a sound return-on-investment of taxpayer dollars.