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Business leaders often have a hard time taking a step back and asking the tough questions. What could we do better? How could we grow? I need to downsize, but how do I go about it? Who can help us?

It's difficult to get an outside view from the inside, and that's what we want to show you. SCMW! solves problems and helps you seize opportunities by examining your business from a new perspective.

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Upcycle Solutions
Expansion & Growth

Human Resources
The diversity of businesses in South Central Michigan require specialized expertise in attracting and retaining workforce talent that can solve an organization's unique issues in a timely, cost-effective manner. Our Business Services Professionals (BSP) function as an extension of your HR team. We custom design and manage hiring processes, and when demand dictates, we provide resources to assist your HR department with Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Workers Compensation and other HR related up-to-date information.

This Internet based system helps employers find the right candidate quickly for a job opening. Using your most talented employees, build an actual job pattern by measuring your top performers in three ways - thinking style, behavioral traits, and occupational interests. Click here to learn more, or click here to go to JobFit directly.

Business Networking
Because our Business Services Professionals Team is in touch with regional businesses, we look for strategic opportunities to link businesses where one has a demand and the other has the solution. Business networking is designed to connect regional businesses with each other to support operational structures and product and service delivery.

Facility Management
Looking to increase capacity? Our top-to-bottom facility studies uncover opportunities for expansion and growth. Our strategies and plans help to coordinate the physical workplace with the people and work of an organization to effectively achieve goals and objectives.

Equipment Financing
Our network of partners provide financial resources to assist companies with equipment purchases, or provide purchasing incentives.

On-site Training
Qualified companies can tap our funding to upskill their incumbent workforce through on-the-job training and/or customized training. Additionally, we offer a host of training to help businesses address turnover, as well as examine and tap new markets. Some of our topics include LEAN, ISO certification, identification of global markets and contracts, and acquisition of government contracts.

Customized Training Services
Training For Your Workforce

Soft Skills Training
Soft Skills may in fact be more important for career development and organizational success over the long term than many specific technical and occupational skills. The South Central Michigan Works! dedicated training team will work with employers who want to improve the "people skills" and retention of their workforce. We offer a wide array of courses designed to build relationships of trust, positive interactions and personal productivity.

Our Core Courses Include

  • Business Ethics
  • Change Management
  • Communication Strategies
  • Conflict Management
  • Critical Thinking
  • Delivering Constructive Criticism
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Generational Gaps
  • Goal Setting & Getting Things Done
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership & Influence
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Performance Management
  • Safety in the Workplace
  • Supervising Others
  • Teamwork & Teambuilding
  • Workforce Diversity
  • Layoff Aversion & Downsizing Solutions
    Strategies For Your Business

    SCMW! brings together a dedicated team to work with companies considering layoffs. We offer layoff aversion strategies that can prevent the layoff, or minimize operational disruptions if a layoff is eminent.

    The Joint Adjustment Committee (JAC) works with the business to minimize the effects of the layoff, and helps affected employees cope with the traumatic effects of job loss and make a speedy transition back into the workforce. The JAC speeds the outplacement of workers and benefits employers by:

    • Lowering unemployment taxes - JACs can reduce the length of unemployment insurance claims by helping workers find new employment more quickly.
    • Reducing administrative burdens - By overseeing and managing outplacement and readjustment, the JAC permits managers to concentrate on the other activities associated with a facility closure or downsizing.
    • Continuing productivity - Productivity and quality can drop when morale flags. As a visible expression of commitment to the future of affected workers, a JAC helps to sustain morale and reduces negative acts by discouraged workers.
    • Providing a communication forum - JACs serve as a source of reliable information and dispel rumors that can disrupt the work place.