Employability Skills

Employability skills correspond to essential work habits, behaviors, and attitudes required for success in the workplace. Individuals will receive a completion of training certificate from South Central Michigan Works! once all courses are completed and an assessment has been taken. Download the handouts for the Written & Oral Communication and Lifelong Learning prior to accessing the training video. Once you have completed your coursework, please visit the nearest SCMW! Service Center to take the assessment.

  • Know who to ask or where to go to solve workplace problems. Follow step by step written instructions.

  • Know how to communicate appropriately with supervisors and co-workers. Use appropriate language and terminology for the workplace. Articulate thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively. Read and process workplace information. Write basic notes, memos, letters, and reports cearly and effectively.

  • Build collaborative relationships with colleagues and customers. Be able to work with diverse teams. Take personal responsbility for influencing and accomplishing group goals.

  • Demonstrate objectivity in assessing other viewpoints by considering all sides sof an issue. Show respectful behavior during workplace conflicts. Know how to compromise with others.

  • Demonstrate personal accountability, effective work habits, e.g. punctuality, working productively with others, appropriate hygiene and dress, and time and workload management. Demonstrate health and safety practices and drug-free behavior in the workplace setting. Obtain reliable transportation option.

  • Learn from and work with individuals from diverse cultures, races, gender, religions, lifestyles, and viewpoints.

  • Look for continuous improvement in the workplace. Communicate new ideas to others. Integrate knowledge across different disciplines.

  • Be prepared to continuously acquire new knowledge and skills. Know where and how to learn new job skills. Be able to learn from one's mistakes. Take initiative in the workplace.

  • Demonstrate integrity and ethical behavior. Act responsibly with the interests of the larger community in mind. Possess awareness of the important of workplace policies and procedures.

  • Provide for customer needs and expectations in a helpful and courteous manner. Demonstrate customer service skills in an appropriate setting by listening, suggesting solutions, and communicating the ideas at hand.