Veteran Services

  • Our commitment to veterans and their families is to provide resources that will help veterans and their eligible spouses find employment or entrepreneurial opportunities. The Veterans Service Division staff will help identify possible educational/training programs under the various GI Bills to aid veterans and their eligible spouses in becoming job-ready.

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    Priority of Service is a federal mandate establishing the right of Covered Persons (Eligible Military Veterans and Eligible Spouses) to take precedence over non-covered persons in all federally funded programs from the Dept of Labor encompassing Employment, Training, and Placement Services. Signage is posted within the one-stops apprising Eligible Military Veterans and Eligible Spouses of Priority of Service, and prompts them to identify their selves to Michigan Works! staff to receive this Priority treatment.


    Located at most every Michigan Works! One-Stop Service Centers in Michigan are Disabled Veterans Outreach Program Specialists (DVOP). DVOPs are State of Michigan employees funded through the U.S. Department of Labor in accordance with Title 38 U.S.C. § 4103A and § 4104 Over the years, we have been commonly called the “Vet Reps.” The classifications for this role are is outlined in Veterans Program Letter (VPL) 07-10.

    - Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP) Specialists’ primary role is to aid Veterans with multiple barriers to employment.
    - In other words, to help those Veterans who would otherwise not be able to achieve a successful outcome without their help.
    - DVOP specialists provide direct services to program eligible veterans enabling them to be competitive in the labor market.
    - They provide outreach and offer assistance to program eligible veterans by promoting community and employer support for employment and training opportunities,(including apprenticeship and on-the-job training).

    DVOPs work on behalf of a “Program Eligible Veteran”

    Referral to a DVOP –

    For Veterans who are identified by Michigan Works Agency (MWA) staff at the core services level as unlikely to succeed in securing suitable employment through core services, Veterans Must First have:

    - Registered with the Michigan Works!
    - Posted a resume on the Pure Michigan Talent Connect Website
    - Completed the Initial Assessment Form provided by Michigan Works! staff