Mobile One-Stop Center

MOC-1 Cost Information

MOC-1 is available at a minimal cost for agencies other than SCMW contractors.
The standard cost of renting MOC-1 is $500 per day for locations in Hillsdale, Jackson, and Lenawee counties, and $1,000 per day outside the tri-county area. This charge reflects the actual cost of operating the unit. There will be an additional charge to cover fuel costs if MOC-1 is required to generate its own electricity.

If additional days are required, a daily charge will be assessed for travel time and setup time. Travel time begins when MOC-1 leaves its home base and ends when the unit returns to the SCMW storage area. If MOC-1 is traveling between two scheduling entities, an equitable shared cost will be assessed for that travel time. (SCMW will follow intrastate truck driving restrictions.)

MOC-1 users will be invoiced by SCMW Business/Financial Services.