Mobile One-Stop Center

MOC-1 Frequently Asked Questions

What is MOC-1?

MOC-1 is South Central Michigan Works!' Mobile One-stop Career center. It is a self-contained mobile lab equipped with twelve state-of-the-art computers, each having internet access.

MOC-1 provides most of the job search resources and many of the training capabilities found in the Hillsdale, Jackson, and Lenawee Service Centers.

How is MOC-1 used?

MOC-1 may be used by employers for computer and job-specific training purposes. Let the training facilities come to you. In classes of 11 or less, employers can provide training in computers, job-specific programming, or even certified Microsoft Office Specialist certification.

MOC-1 may also be used by job seekers to access the Michigan Talent Bank (Michigan Works! online job search program), write resumes and cover letters, or receive personalized computer instruction.
MOC-1 will also be available for use in case of national/state disasters or emergencies.

How large a class can MOC-1 accommodate?

MOC-1 has a computer lab accommodations for up to 11 students and a teacher and is wheelchair accessible.

Multiple split-classes are available to accommodate large corporate group enrollment.

MOC-1 also has training capability for larger groups using external classroom resources attached outside the unit. Twelve wireless laptops may be provided along with wireless network/internet access for this training purpose.

Can my business combine with another business for computer training on MOC-1?

Yes... As long as one of the businesses is willing to accept responsibility for liability and payment, your business could join with one or more other businesses to utilize MOC-1.

Is there a cost involved?

MOC-1 is available at a minimal cost for agencies other than SCMW contractors.

Please go to MOC-1Information for further details.

When is the MOC-1 available?

Schedules for MOC-1 availability will be posted on this website (as well as in each of the SCMW! Service Centers in Hillsdale, Lenawee and Jackson)

How do I schedule the MOC - 1 for training?

Complete and submit a MOC-1 schedule request by clicking on the "Request a Schedule Reservation" . Your reservation will be confirmed via e-mail within 3 days following the receipt of your request.

Can we rent MOC-1 and use our own trainer and software?

Yes, the MOC-1 is a state-of -the-art training facility, capable of handling most computer-based or instructor-led training experience. You may rent the use of MOC-1 and use your own instructor or one of our highly trained, experienced technical trainers. A nominal charge will be assessed for any technical services required.

Do I need any special facilities to accommodate MOC-1?

No. MOC-1 is completely self-contained except for public restroom facilities. All that is necessary is public restroom facilities, and an area with ample parking space and safe, easy accessibility.

However, in order to save charges due to gasoline consumption, an outside-access 50-amp

240/120-volt (3-pole-4-wire) outlet would eliminate the use of the internal generators. (30-amp in warmer months*no heat/AC*)