Mobile One-Stop Center

MOC-1 Scheduling Information

Scheduling of the Mobile Career Center (MOC-1) will be based on three factors:
(1) Priority of Events
(2) Dates of Requests
(3) Need and Availability of Trainer(s)

At the discretion of SCMW!, the following list events are listed in order of priority:
National/State disasters or emergencies
Rapid Response events
Core WIOA services
Tutorial and skills training
Employer requests
Trade shows, job fairs and expositions

In the event 2 or more requests of an identical priority are made on the same day, SCMW! shall determine which scheduling will receive priority, based upon intended use and other relevant factors. Scheduling may be requested for a minimum of one day or a maximum of 2 weeks. If subsequent requests are not pending following a 2 week engagement, additional concurrent scheduling beyond the initial 2-week period may be approved without incurring additional travel costs. MOC-1 scheduling requests must be submitted a minimum of 3 weeks in advance of scheduled event. Disasters and emergencies will not require advance scheduling notice and may modify existing scheduling. SCMW! will respond to scheduling requests within 3 days following the receipt of the request. Any modifications to a scheduled event must be reported to the Mobile Career Center driver/manager within 48 hours of the scheduled event or daily rate charges may apply.