Research & Collaboration

SCMW! conducts special research projects and convenes key regional stakeholders to better understand various industry sectors and regional needs of the community.

Community Resource/Asset Mapping

In 2009, the SCMW! developed a community resource/asset map and forecasting report/tool. Community partners looked past organizational, jurisdictional, and industry boundaries to collaborate regionally, and conduct an inventory of shared assets. The asset map examined various parameters of the partners including a) organizational mission; b) funding streams and budget; c) programs; d) strategic priorities; e) target audiences and numbers served; and f) unique value proposition. This information was translated into a web-based asset map and a repository to help grow the regional networks, reach new audiences, and support better strategic and operational planning as well as collaborative investment.

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Stakeholder Engagement

SCMW! actively engages stakeholders through a collaborative called the Partnership for Regional Solutions (PRS). This think tank is comprised of employers, education, economic development and workforce development professionals that identify workforce and economic development needs and gaps within the community, and facilitates regional solutions in workforce, education and economic development through the various data tools and forecasts.

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