Our education initiatives bring together the worlds of business and education to help job seekers and learners reach their full potential. We will do this by continuing collaboration and creativity as we help the educational system evolve to serve the needs of each individual student and family so everyone can find a career and life they love.

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Regional Business Fellowship

The Regional Business Fellowship Program gives educators the opportunity to work in a business environment - earning a paycheck and graduate college credit!

The goal of the Fellowship Program is to match educators with businesses whose fields relate to the Career Pathway that the educator is associated with.

As part of the program, each educator will develop a means to translate their gained experience into their curriculum. Ultimately, the students benefit by learning that what they gain in the classroom is directly relevant to what they will need to know in the workplace.

iChallengeU Program

The iChallengeU Program is a two week educational opportunity for 11th and 12th grade students to work with area teachers, corporate, civic, and community leaders to develop solutions to real problems posed by the corporate/civic/community partners. Teachers trained in project based learning will work with various partners to identify "driving questions or challenges" that reflect real issues or problems in the participating companies and organizations.