Student Zone

Get Specific Resources for Students

  • Visit the U.S. government interagency Kids' Portal. This site was developed and is maintained by the Federal Citizen Information Center. It provides links to Federal kids' sites along with some of the best kids' sites from other organizations all grouped by subject.

  • This Web site was built to help you plan for the future. What will you do after high school? Will you work? Go to college? Live in a place of your own? By using this Web site, you can plan for your future right now.

  • Instantly connects students and employers through a unique online matching system. These connections are based on specific job-requirements and the individual interests and skills of the candidates.

  • A source for reliable and balanced information on how to use and improve the educational opportunities available to our kids.

  • Accredited Online Colleges is the web's premier site for finding accredited online colleges around the US. School accreditation is vital to ensuring a quality education. But, determining accreditation can feel like working your way through a maze. Let this site be your guide.

  • The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has created the Youth at Work website for youth in the workforce. The EEOC's goal is to eliminate illegal discrimination from the workplace for all workers. This website is designed to teach youth about their rights and responsibilities as an employee.

  • NCWD/Youth is your source for information about employment and youth with disabilities. Our partners — experts in disability, education, employment, and workforce development — strive to ensure you will be provided with the highest quality, most relevant information available.

  • Preparing the 21st Century Workforce

  • Step by step info about starting a business for teens

  • An interactive campus where you can explore careers in health care and biotechnology.

  • CareerTV helps students and young professionals learn more about careers within the world's top companies.

  • mySimBiz is a generic computer simulation designed to fulfill a particular need—provide individuals with real-world activities in which they can apply previously learned computer skills. Unlike other information processing simulations, individuals work in cooperative teams of two to three individuals to manage and operate a retail business that sells entertainment equipment.